Our Approach

At the White Lotus Chateau, we offer luxurious accommodations at a brand new facility situated in the gorgeous mountains of the the Hollywood Hills.

To enable you to build a sturdy foundation to recovery, we follow a mandatory 12 Step Program and require attendance to AA/NA meetings.

To further strengthen your program, we host our very own private meetings, exclusive to Chateau residents, to give you the opportunity to share your experience, challenges and success.

During the evenings, we gather for dinner so that all residents may engage in conversation to complete the day as a key to ensure continual improvements, growth, and progress.

Furthermore, we conduct random testing by professional staff on site to detect substance abuse.

At the Château, we provide a peaceful, loving place, and caring staff so you may find your true self with the help of these important elements:

Meditation Classes – to help you connect to your higher power and develop your spirituality.

Behavioral Therapy – to help you work through the mental obstacles and handicaps of addiction.

Self Discovery – to help you rediscover your passions in life, and many others that will bring out the beautiful person you truly are.

Our goal is to help you attain a sober, clean, and addiction free life, so you may start fresh and begin rebuilding your future.